Uqautchim Uglua

American Indian College Fund, Wakanyeja “Sacred Little Ones” Early Childhood Education Initiative.


Uqapiaqtaurat - The Parent/Community Newsletter of Ilisagvik College’s Uqautchim Uglua Language Nest

October 2013 Newsletter

On August 15th this year, we opened for our second year of operation. Much has changed; for most of last year we had just four students and one full-time immersion teacher. This year state licensure has allowed for twelve ECE learners and we have a full teaching staff, assisted by Teachers for the Arctic Coordinator, Ikayuaq Martha Stackhouse and student intern Amber Downey. Further, we are moving forward with brand-new curriculum and learning activities. We are in a position to accomplish remarkable things as we keep moving forward.

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May 2013 Newsletter

As spring brings warmer temperatures after a long, cold winter, we take advantage of every opportunity we have to bundle up the kids and go play out. It is a joy to be outside in good weather! Making snow angels is a fun activity, but the kids enjoy chasing Ilisaurri Aalaak with snowballs even more. We also like watching out for snow birds.

Playing out provides a good opportunity for the kids to learn new vocabulary, and we teach our learners Iñupiat words for everything we see. Some of the new words we’ve learned include: apun (snow cover), sun (siqiñiq), clouds (nuviyat), dog (qimmiq), house (iglu), sled (uniat), boat (umiaq) and snowbirds (amaułłigaaluich).

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April 2013 Newsletter

Hello and a happy spring season to all our students and their families! With snowbirds back in Barrow, increasing sunlight and the whaling crews ready to go when the ice opens up, the Language Nest is full of the excitement of the season. We are keeping busy as we continue to learn and grow, and are excited to share our goings-on. So take a moment to read about what we have been up to this month and what we are planning for the future. Don’t forget that we are eager to work together as partners in the early education of your children.

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April 2012 Newsletter

Uqautchim Uglua, is an initiative of Ilisagvik College in partnership with the North Slope Borough School District and ICAS. It will create an immersion day care and teacher training center in Barrow and will support the development of language nests in the villages. The language nest will use the Iñupiaq language and create curriculum based on the Iñupiaq Learning Framework, developed by the North Slope Borough School District. The teacher-training program will bring students together for two-week residencies and deliver courses via distance delivery to facilitate the participation of village students. Uqautchim Uglua will be Iñupiaq-based, steeped in iñupiaq ways of knowing. It will increase the numbers of Iñupiat teachers on the North Slope, leading to BA certification through an indigenous teacher training program.

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